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Colt Ramrod 10 Function Silicone Anal Vibe


Packing no less than ten modes of incredibly powerful vibration, Colt's Ramrod offers its big flexible shape, temperature receptive silicone surface and easy maneuverability to anal exploration desires.

Smoothly tapered at its swirly-textured tip, the vibe penetrates comfortably before swelling quickly to maximum thickness. Naturally targeting inner sweet spots, the Ramrod's default straight shape can be bent to accommodate just about any position desired- once curved upward or down, the new angle remains until it's changed up again.

Powered by a single chrome-colored push button toward the base, Ramrod's 10 function vibration is easily customizable. Several modes of steady pleasure give way to patterns of pulsation and escalation with just a push at any point during play.

In hygienically superior, fully hypoallergenic Pure silicone, the Ramrod proves perfect for users with even very sensitive skin. Silicone cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water, but the Ramrod can be further sterilized using a mild bleach solution or with a dip boiling water. Compatible with all water-based lubes. Vibe requires 3AA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.