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Doctor Love's Vaginium Pleasure Sleeve


For the man who has tried everything else, this pink stroker get slippery when wet, warms naturally to the touch and heats pleasurably to body temperature with friction using the stimulating inner rings that massages you along your entire length while being able to stretch to fit every man like a real woman does with her velvet love glove. The semi-clear pink Vaginium is a uniquely designed reality masturbator for him, with a natural feel and a tight fit. Its stimulating inner ribs provide unequaled stroking pleasure whether alone or with a partner. A super stretchy, ultra clingy masturbator from the Doctor Love collection, the classically styled Vaginium Pleasure Sleeve offers up its fantastically tight fit and orgasmically textured interior to fully surround and massage the sensitive head and shaft. Stretching amazingly to accommodate most men, you'll be able to enjoy the feel of the intense inner ribs along your entire length, plus, the natural suction that will build up with thrusting can be intensified by placing a finger over the open back end.