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Hot Caress Warming Pleasure Oil (23 Flavours)


Warming pleasure oil / Edible / For massage / 120ml (4 us fl oz)

Hot Caress was designed for a warming, stimulating, and delicious massage.

Hot Caress is meant to be applied to specific areas of the body to exhilarate the senses. Hot Caress is perfect to spread over the sensitive parts of the body because the warming effect is felt almost instantly. Surprise your partner by massaging the oil and blowing on it, it will get even hotter. Hot Caress is the ultimate dessert to eat right off your partner’s body.

Hot Caress has been manufactured since 1986 and is made with high quality standards. Millions of bottles have been sold all over the world and has the largest collection of flavored massage oils. The Hot Caress line has a total of 20 different flavors.

Hot Caress is not intended for long, sensual massages but for those special erogenous zones on the body. For long, relaxing massages we would recommend other lotions for this purpose, check out our website .