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Magnetic Power Ring


Maximize your erotic pleasure with the Magnetic Power Ring. The ultra-stretchy and super soft support ring is designed for easy comfortable wear and extended stimulation and climax. To enjoy increased sensations and orgasmic satisfaction, slip on the transparent double magnet ring and you’re ready for action. The ring is made from soft, smooth and super stretchy body safe TPR and features four encased nickel-free magnets for intimate ecstasy. The power of magnets has long been recorded as a natural healing technique in many different civilizations throughout history. The double enhancer measures a compact 1.25”x .5”/ 3 cm x 1 cm and is great for first-time and experienced users. Many cultures use magnets for natural healing, and they are featured as an aid to enhanced stamina and performance. The easy to use ring slides over the erect penis for a comfortable, supportive fit. For maximized pleasure always use a quality lube. The enhancer ring is ideal for use during foreplay, and for extended orgasmic encounters. Always clean the ring before and after every use.