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Noir Silky Blindfold


There's nothing like a little sensory deprivation to heighten excitement and build up anticipation. This utterly gorgeous blindfold from Blush's Noir collection feels just as good as it looks - and it looks spectacular! Perfectly capturing the softer, more sensual side of bondage play, the beginner-perfect Silky Blindfold is simple, super-silky, and surprisingly versatile. 

Wrap the soft, silky band over their eyes, tying it around back once the contoured is settled over the bridge of their nose. They (or you, depending on who's wearing it) will be instantly plunged into sensual darkness, awaiting the next move. If you're not in the mood for a blindfold, the 4.58'/1.4m length can easily be used to bind up wrists or ankles. Enjoy!