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O'My Clitoral Pleasure Gel .4oz/14ml


As most women will attest to, clitoral stimulation is absolutely key to reaching orgasm. This fantastic stimulating gel from O'My intensifies sensation to that all-important erogenous zone, and will greatly enhance sexual response, whether with a lover or during masturbation and toy play. Gentle, natural ingredients increase blood flow to the clitoris upon application, which helps awaken nerve endings and pleasure receptors. To use, simply apply a teardrop sized amount to a fingertip and gently massage into the clitoral skin. You'll feel a subtle tingle, which can increase to a more powerful warmth, the intensity will subside after a few moments, leaving you sensitive, excited and ready for action. The petite, subtly designed tube contains .4 oz (14ml) of gel.

  • Size: 0.4 oz
  • Special Features: Masturbation Lube, Unscented