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Plug & Play 5" Twist Acrylic Butt Plug


There are a few things you'll need when planning an over-the-top exciting, comfortable and pleasurable butt play experience. We're not going to get into all of them, but we'll list off the biggies. First, TONS of lube. Second, communication with a partner (if one is involved). And the one that brings us back to our point: finding the right tool for the job. Luckily, Shots' Plug & Play 5" Spiral Acrylic Butt Plug has you covered there!

Great for butt penetration players with a little experience under the belt, so to speak, the playful spiral swirl shape is sized nice and sleek but definitely filling. A gentle taper at the tip stretches and stimulates without overwhelming, plus, the wide circular base prevents any accidental too-deep slips. 

In body safe, extra firm acrylic, the Plug & Play 5" Spiral Butt Plug should be cleaned well pre and post play using lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favourite water or silicone based lube. Use lots for ultimate anal enjoyment!