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Speed 100


SPEED100 is a unique device offering the widest selection of vibrating rhythms in the world, it has 100 different ones.  A simple touch at its base is repeatedly bringing you into new heights of body perceptions. Your preferred vibration could be the 5th, the 24th, the 80th or the 100th, you’ve got the choice.  The first 5 delivers delicate vibrations to very strong ones, and the other 95 ones go from surprise to surprise with  pre-programmed rhythms ; escalades, in peaks, short stops and longer interruptions, in short SPEED100, it’s 100 original ways to indulge oneself. 

SPEED100 has a solid body with a silky smooth finish almost like the real human skin, therefore extremely comfortable.  Safe, SPEED100 is odorless and contains no phthalate. SPEED100 is very discreet, it’s almost noiseless. Of a practical size it measures 180mm in length by 30mm in width (7’’ x 1’’1/8).  So easy to handle, a simple push button at its base is the only control for all the 100 speeds and it only takes 2AA batteries.  Splash-proof.  it follows you almost everywhere and  SPEED100 is fully compatible with all types of lubricants. 

Yes SPEED100 is made durable this is why it is guaranteed for 1 full year. 

Whether SPEED100 is a new device for you or not, one thing is certain, he will become your champion, he has 100 eloquent ways to show you.