• Vac-U-Lock Chest & Suspender Harness with Plug


    If your strap-on style is big and bold, maybe you've noticed that some harness sets can be a little less, shall we say, stable than you might want? If so, here's your solution. Doc Johnson's designers created the Vac-U-Lock Chest & Suspender Harness to be extra versatile, comfy and functional for any gender, and super-sturdy, even when playing with the biggest penetrators.

    One of Doc's fantastic Supreme Harnesses is at the core of this set, it's ultra soft, extra user friendly and super-secure, fitting just about any body type. The plushy neoprene yoke holds tight to any Vac-U-Lock dildo or probe (sold separately) using one of three included O-rings, and an equally comfy back-band helps keep everything in perfect position. The included Vac-U-Lock Plug slips into a special pocket around front and snaps securely into place. Once your penetrator of choice is pressed over the Plug, snap one of those O-rings around the base for even more security.

    Speaking of security, here's where the namesake suspender aspect of the Chest & Suspender Harness comes into play. Clipping to the front and back portions of the harness using tight, toothy little clamps, fully adjustable shoulder straps with a horizontal chest band can be worn vertically over the chest and back or criss-crossed, whichever you prefer. The straps take the majority of the harnessed toy's weight, so slips, twists and position mishaps are much less likely.

    The Chest & Suspender Harness is compatible with any Vac-U-Lock dildo, vibe, probe or accessory. It can also be used as a more standard harness by simply removing the straps. Hey, we said it was versatile!

    * Harness fits up to a 69" (175.26cm) waist. O-rings come in sizes 2" (5.08cm), 1.6" (4.06cm) and 1.25" (3.2cm)