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Vivid Raw Bootylicious


Enjoy unlimited hard and fast love action with the exotic Vivid Raw Bootylicious masturbator. The soft, smooth and ultra stretchy pussy and ass stroker is designed for your ultimate red-hot self-gratification fantasy play. Choose your preferred love hole and slide deep inside for an impressive finish. The adult toy is made from unscented, soft and super stretchy Pure Skin TPR, and measures a generous 10” x 10” x 4”/25.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 10.25 cm. The ebony dual chamber is erotically contoured to deliver mind-blowing sensations. The ultra life size masturbator boasts a removable powerful multi-speed bullet vibe to ramp up the pleasure and satisfaction. The heavy-duty, maintenance free Vivid Raw Bootylicious masturbator is ideal for first-time and experienced users and is perfect for spontaneous front and back end play. Insert the vibrating bullet, and slide your penis deep inside one of the super tight holes. The pleasurable tingles and orgasmic strokes will blow your mind. For intensified ecstasy, always use a quality lube with this sex toy. Clean the stroker before and after every use.