We vibe - Touch X


WeVibe Touch X Lay-on Vibrator for Women - Vibrating Mini Bullet Sex Toy for Her - Mini Clitoral Stimulator Massager with 8 intensity levels - 7 Vibration Modes - Waterproof - Adult Toys for Couples

Just off the tops of our heads, we can think about a million life (and job!) situations where being a great multi-tasker would come in very handy. The bedroom is definitely one of those situations, not to mention to the toys you may have in your bedroom. Versatility is sexy! Speaking of, we need to talk about the brand new Touch X Magic Multitasker Vibe from wonderful We-Vibe.

The revamped and re-imagined Touch X is, in form, a silky, sexily sculpted little oval complete with a hint of flexibility at the tip. In function, it's an absolutely perfect vibe for treating sweet spots (the clitoris is an obvious target, but it's perfect for nipples, head of the penis, ears, toes, anything goes) to seven modes and eight intensities of deep, resonating vibration. It's just the thing to bring into bed with a partner, but it's also an amazing choice for solo stimulation. See? Versatility!

You'll be able to hold your Touch X comfortably in your hand, have a partner hold it in theirs, or simply place the curvaceous shape over a desired erogenous zone, lay back, and enjoy. A soft little indent scooped out of the tip surrounds even the smallest of sensitive areas. 

Easy to control and customize, the Touch X Magic Multitasker's top (+) button activates the motor, while the button below cycles through seven of We-Vibe's classic vibration patterns. Hit the plus or minus buttons to cycles up and down through eight intensity levels of each. 

Conveniently rechargeable via USB, the Touch X Magic Multitasker Vibe will be ready to romp any time a craving hits. Power it up by attaching an included magnetic charge cord to magnet points at the base. 

Because you'd expect nothing less than material perfection from We-Vibe, the Touch X comes to you in the the purest, safest silicone. This vibe is ultra hygienic, non-porous and hypoallergenic, plus, it's easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Always choose a great quality water based lubricant to enjoy with your Touch X, and please keep it away from silicone lubes/other silicone and soft toys materials. A silky drawstring storage bag is included to help keep your vibe safe and sound. This vibe is IPX7 waterproof, safe for submersion up to about 3.2' (1 meter) for no longer than 30 minutes.