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Zero Tolerance Titan Anal Plug


Okay, so before we start talking about the gargantuan penetrator that is Titan, we have to let you know that this is a BIG plug. Like, huge. That said, if you're an anal maverick who's after an enormous stretch and over-the-top sensation, this is definitely the plug for you!

This plug is relatively classic in shape, tapered at the tip and thickest toward the base. Obviously, Titan is meant for vey experienced anal players. Please don't try to be a hero if you're not used to very, very large things in your butt. If you are, you'll love the fact that Titan's base is a suction cup, and can be secured against most (sturdy!) nonporous surfaces for hands-free fun. 

In phthalate free, super smooth PVC, Titan is easy to clean using lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid foam. This plug is compatible with any favourite water or silicone based lube - please use lots!